To Forgive or To Move On?

Should I forgive? Or should I move on?

That’s one of the struggles in a relationship. We all know that no relationship is perfect. Every relationship will put to a test to help the relationship grow. Yes, the struggles in your relationship are not meant to tear you and the relationship apart. Those struggles are meant to make you, your lover, and the relationship even stronger. Those struggles will help you to grow.

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There are struggles in life that can help you to grow, but there are also struggles that are self-inflicted. What am I referring to? Those challenges in the relationship where one of the couples continue to commit mistakes that could have been avoided. One example is cheating.

Forgiving someone who cheated is hard. I understand. If the same problem occurs over and over in the relationship, that shows respect is not present between you.

How about you, what are your thoughts about cheating? Anyway, are you aware of what is anal bleaching?

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