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Dealing through Dating Woes with Taylor Swift’s Songs

Everyone loves Taylor Swift. It’s not difficult to figure out why. Aside from the fact that she’s really adorable and sweet, her songs are sassy, simple and they cut straight to the core without any sorry. If you’re dating and losing hope, here’s a list Taylor Swift songs to help you through every dating woe:

When you get cheated on: “I Knew You Were Trouble”
Everyone’s telling you that dating him was a bad idea, and you never understood why. He was a bit of a bad boy and he had some cheating history, but you chose to look beyond that and try to find the adorable man within. Whether he’s as cute as Harry Styles, or as rugged as John Mayer, he got you hooked and he dropped you like yesterday’s news. This song is perfect for you.

When you’re deleting your pictured together: “Last Kiss”
Let’s face it. Even when you’re determined to do that much needed social media cleansing – untagging yourself from your pictures together, burying mushy tweets, deleting sentimental messages and removing him from your contacts, there’s still this slight stab in your heart. When Joe Jonas dumped our sweet Tay, she felt exactly the same thing. Remember that you are one step closer to moving on and you’ll deal with everything better with this song.

When somebody steals your guy: “Better Than Revenge”
No cheater is worth your time. The beat in this song will convince you that girls “who steal other’s people toys in the playground won’t make her [you] many friends”. It’s a feel-good song that will help you release your anger instead of actually plotting your revenge.

When you thought it was love: “All Too Well”
When Taylor broke up with Jake Gyllenhall, she was devastated and this song affirms that devastation after a break up (or after something you thought was a relationship turned out to be not a relationship) is okay. It’s fine to wallow for a while, eat ice cream and all the chocolate bars you can find, watch chick flicks over again. Then, after indulging in your sadness, it’s time to put your make up on and move forward.

When he always has excuses: “You’re Not Sorry”
If you’re twenty-something and looking for something stable, it is essential that you find a guy who keeps his promises and makes you feel special. If your guy keeps on screwing up – skipping well-planned dinner dates for boys night, forgets your birthday, is late all the time and always apologizes every time, you should reconsider your relationship. You deserve better than faux sorries.

When you’re ready to start over: “Begin Again”
Dating can be daunting especially if you keep bumping into the wrong guys. A bad break up can feel like the worst thing in the world and moving on can be difficult, but once you’ve taken that leap of faith and jumped back into the scene again (not start dating automatically but start being open to opportunities again at least), you’ll see that there are so many better options surrounding you. So, don’t be afraid to begin again.

Dating Tips from a Man’s Point of View


Dating Tips

So you think only women got a lot to say on first dates? Think again because guys have something to advice you girls so you won’t have to wonder why the date didn’t work out.

Move On Before Moving On to the Next One
Never bring anything out about your ex neither compare us to them – we are dating because we want to be happy not to carry your baggage with you. Women tend to be dramatic and guys could bare a little of those but when you start to spill out juices from the past (especially when it’s uncalled for), things may get a little irritating and boring at the same time – are we here to talk about me or us?

If she can’t help herself mentioning his ex for a couple of hours, it is a clear cue that she has never moved on yet and nobody wants to be on that boat, dating is like an open door for a new start.

You Really Don’t Know Everything
Men really don’t like it when you spill the introduction yourself, they also have those short scripts prepared for you, so when you start to act like you know everything about them, it could actually be a little turn-off. If you know someone who knows your date, don’t keep on asking them tons of question, learn to be patient and enjoy the date, let the “getting to know” stage put you in an interesting state.

We Play the Opposites
In situations where women want the man to choose the dating place, you really shouldn’t expect them to bring you to the fanciest restaurants. Like you, these men actually often play mind games with you. They could bring you to their favorite beer and burger stations and see how you’d react, just like how you let them outside the comfort room to test their patience. Men are like women too, they want to find someone who they could be comfortable with.

Character Captivates
Believe in yourself, make men see that you are worth it. Get away with awkward situations just because you are feeling insecure about how you look, men want a good conversation, it bores them when you keep on fixing yourself without even saying anything. Men really want it if the girl takes over the conversation (of course, sensible talks). They see it as a turn-on.

No Reading between the Lines
No, we don’t like crosswords or detective games when going on a date. Say what you want to say. Men really don’t have that much time to write everything and read it anytime you want them to guess what’s on your mind. They’re really pretty open to new ideas as long as it doesn’t take them out of their masculine zone so don’t be afraid to say it.

Don’t Generalize
When someone did you wrong, don’t start to think that everyone will do it to you too. Be open-minded and give everyone the benefit of being different from others. Dates don’t always mean that they want to take you to bed, sometimes they just want a casual chat or a little enjoyment away from the busy work. When a man seems to be into you, it shouldn’t be associated with one-night lovemaking only.

Don’t look down on them just because they feel comfortable around you, or if they act a little flirty. It’s actually disappointing when you give them the burst of fire when they haven’t even started to ignite a flame.

Put Yourself in His Shoes
It is very unfair to be in a relationship where the man does all the work. It should be given and take, not take it all and leave him empty. Be human and remember that you are on a date because both of you want to be happy, not just because you wanted to.

Take him to places that you want to go, make him part of your plans, and if possible have a little present or prepare him a date to make him feel special. Make a little effort, and if you really want it to work out, then it wouldn’t be that hard.