Girls are categorized in 2 different categories. The first one is the regular and the other is the irregular ones.  Those girls whose menstrual cycle is falls every month is called regular while the irregular ones are those girls whose cycle is different. It takes 2months to 6months that their cycle is not normal. Worst case is they will wait for a year for their menstrual period to come.

For you to prepare, you have to be observant of these signs that your menstrual period is coming:


                You become irritable at times. Sudden change of your mood is one indication that your menstrual period is about to come.


                You tend to have breakout. That sign is the most common of all girls.


                If your feel that your breast gets tender, then it is one sign that your period is more likely to visit you.

Value of Health

Healthy lifestyles is a proof that humans can be able to control  their lives and to make it longer. People just need to avoid the foods that are good to the health. It is a well – known fact that following a healthy lifestyle, not smoking, avoiding excess weight and exercising regularly can keep one away from risk of heart disease.

Away from Diseases

Many individuals both physicians and members of the public have looked on genetic risk as unavoidable, but for heart attack that does not appear to be the case. In order to investigate whether a healthy lifestyle can ease the genetic risk, the research team analysed genetic and clinical data. There are more people that are affected by heart diseases due to the improper way of their lifestyles. People must know how and learn how to take good care of themselves.


As the quote “why don’t you give love on Christmas day” says, If you’re planning to give your sister who loves fashion, then why not give her some trendy boots which she can wear this coming Christmas eve. For sure, she will be delighted and very happy for that.

Another gift is a bonnet which will suit her Christmas outfit. Make sure that she will love the color and it is in trend.

You can also give her a twin bonnet both of you will use. Just like your twins! I know it would be fun to have a twin sister only for Christmas.

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